Flyer: Mary — Refuge of Sinners

We offer flyer about Mary — Refuge of Sinners

Flyer about Mary — Refuge of Sinners

When sin entered the world, such a blight rested upon it, that God communed no longer with man as He was wont to do. There was no fit refuge for Him. All was darkness. In his transgression man closed his heart against his God, Who could find no delight in a place defiled by sin, where He once loved to dwell. For thousands years, tears and lamentations marked man’s pathway on earth. Deprived of God’s presence, all was sorrow, and darkness covered the face of the earth. From time to time some slight hope entered into the heart of man, when, through the rifts in the clouds that overspread the world, a faint light from Heaven would come to him. At last the day dawned. From His throne, the Almighty beheld a refuge in the person of a humble virgin, where He could find once more an abode among men. He would descend in the person of His Divine Son into that refuge in which He took delight, become one of us and repair the wrong done by Adam, father of the human race. No stain of any kind could exist where He chose to find shelter. In Mary full of grace, Mary most pure, most chaste, Mary immaculate, He found a suitable refuge, where He could enter without umbrage to His infinite majesty and sanctity.

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